About Us

About Us


DLS GROUP has attained adequate experience on Purchasing, Selling, Swap and Transit of Oil distillates and Gas products for years. Having a close relationship state owned refineries enabled us to meet our client’s requirements with competitive prices and in specific time frame.

Constant development and expansion is one of the DLS GROUP main activities in the past few years. Continuous research, evaluating market demand, and following relevant and latest technologies persuaded us to invest heavily on potential projects, providing customer satisfaction and bringing dozens of benefits to country economy.

Today, DLS GROUP is one of the leading exporters of Oil, Petrochemicals & Chemicals products in the Middle East, CIS and SE Asia countries, and also acts as a leading global trading company with efficient, trustworthy and reliable services.

Based on the above, we maintain a long-standing relationship with the world leading manufacturers. Therefore, whatever requirement of chemicals, petrochemicals and oil products a customer may have, DLS GROUP is positioned to meet them.

With a group of expert staff, DLS GROUP is able to provide professional service covering international sales and purchasing.

We take this opportunity and are pleased to introduce DLS Group in and also our company in Dubai-UAE and in Vietnam, was established in 2003 a leading manufacturer and supplier of top quality lubricants specially Rubber Process Oil (FurFural Extract or RPO) as bulk and drum packing ,Slackwaxs(customized gu the other Lubricant products such as (recycled and Virgin base oil, Grease,…) in a substantial quality to the Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Singapore),Eastern Asia(china, India),Turkey and Africa countries. Owing to our highly expertise staffs are in UAE , in Dubai (blending factory in Ajman) , China and in Vietnam.

one wholesale can buy all of these cargoes as futures terms and DLSGROUP are one of this wholesale networks and under this condition, created top gold opportunities that this opportunists is not provided and available for the other buyers and you can get top competitive condition and good quantity.

Our main products that we can produce and supply following:

  1. Lubricant
    • Aromatic Rubber Process Oil(RPO or FurFural Extract) with Varity Viscosities
    • TDAE( Enviromental Freinship RPO)
    • MES(Mild Extract Solvates) 
    • Anti-Freeze ,MEG(Mono Ethylene Glycols)
    • virgin base oil(SN150,SN500,SN650)  
    • Grease (Calcium, Lithium),
    • Paraffin wax
    • Slack wax(Heavy and Light)
    • Residual Wax(Foots Oil)
    • Normal Paraffin
  2. Sulphur (Granular, Lump)
  3. Bitumen(40/50,60/70,85/100)
  4. Fuel oil(180 CST,380 CST)
  5. Petrochemicals (Heavy end, Light End, LAB, HAB,EDC,…   )
  6. Waste of oil & petrochemical products
  7. White Spirit
  8.  Carbon Black( N – 220, N – 330, N – 339, N – 550, N – 660)
  9. Urea

Look forward to commence very fruitful business cooperation.



Leader of Supplying For Oil Products specially Lubricant both Quantity and Quality by DLS Brand and Maintaining of Customer Satisfaction


Competitive Advantage of Michael Porter:

  • Competitive Advantage type 1: Cost Leadership
  • Competitive Advantage type 2: Differentiation
  • Competitive Advantage type 3: Focus


Strategies of DLS GROUP:

  • Penetration to Market Niche
  • Developing its business and partnership
  • Finding New customers and partners
  • Emphasizing Brand of DLS
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of customer satisfaction from DLS Group


Practical Plans:

  • Recycled Base oil
    • Exporting Min 150 containers per month
    • Increasing of our productivity
    • Packaging(Drum/Flexi bag)
  • Virgin Base oil
  • Additive
    • Searching in Market for identification of required additives
  • RPO
    • Increasing of quantity
    • Finding good partners
    • Target market(China, Sri Lanka,Vietnam , Myanmar,Laos, Philippine, India, Dubai)
  • Grease and paraffin
    • Supplying of customers order that they need recycled and virgin grease , paraffin, Slack wax and Foots oil orders of DLS
  • Gas oil
  • Bitumen
  • Petrochemical products(MEG,LAB,..)
    • MEG
    • LAB
    • HAB(Heavy Alkyl Benzene)
    • PP/PE
    • EDC 
  • The others(such as fuel oil,Sulphure,Urea,…)


DLS Programs in short terms:

  • Create Powerful infrastructure
  • Increasing of its productivity
  • Employ Intelligent advertisements
  • Establishment Tankers in Dubai, Georgia and Kurdistan of Iraq