Treated Distillate Aromatic Extracts (TDAE)

Treated Distillate Aromatic Extracts (TDAE)

Treated Distillate Aromatic Extracts (TDAE) is mineral oils, not classified as



carcinogenic, as they contain a DMSO extract IP346 inferior to 3% and consequently a reduced PAH content, Typically by factor 20-50 lower than HA oils.


It’s for Tire manufacturer who makes tire for exporting to European Union. European Union requires TDAE oil.

The big and famous tire-maker uses it to make high-quality Tires for exporting to European Union.

PCA (Poly Cyclic Aromatic) or PAH is (Poly Cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon)

It shows the kind of toxic aromatic carbon and the lower is better .for example, the criteria of European Union is lower than 3%.

This environment friendly process oil has wide applications in tier, tape & rubber industries. It is used as carrier oils, plasticizer, diluents & filling agent that remain in the final product contributing to both ease of processing and improved product performance in rubber industry.


• Good abrasion resistance

• Good low temperature flexibility

• Low amounts of waste tires in the process

• Good resistance to reversion

• According to with international standards (EU 2005/69/EC)

• Save fuel and energy consumption

• Extend tires life time